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General Dynamics Job Opening

This job posting was sent to the Boren Forum by a fellow NSEP alum. For questions/submissions please contact alumni@borenforum.org and we will forward them to the alum.

“There is a job opportunity at General Dynamics.  They are looking for someone ASAP and this may be a good opportunity for NSEPers to jump right in without the pain of going through an online application process.

Here is the job description:

Translation Coordinator is responsible for translation operations for a multilingual website project.
Supervision/Translation will:
. Recruit and test prospective translators
. Schedule translation assignments
. Ensure that translations meet quality standards
. Ensure that translations meet daily deadlines
. Implement a program of third-party translation review
. Supervise the activities of translators and translation review
. Provide feedback to translators and reviewers on the quality of translations
. Monitor word counts
Requires BS/BA degree or equivalent experience
Requires 2-5 years experience.
Knowledge of some of the following languages is desirable but not required: Arabic, Farsi or Urdu”

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  1. ZhenyaLomize says:

    For more job listings posted by other Boren alumni, log into our online forum and click on Job Announcements (http://www.borenforum.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?13-Job-Announcements). Good luck!

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