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Prominent Commentary

Some memorable comments from notable individuals about the NSEP and Boren alumni:

“Given [its] impressive performance and the federal government’s growing demand for language expertise and cultural knowledge, an expansion of the NSEP program is an essential, creative and cost-effective investment in our nation’s future security.”

- Honorable Tim Roemer, U.S. House of Representatives, Congressional Record

“The inability of law enforcement officers, intelligence officers, scientists, military personnel, and other federal employees to decipher and interpret information from foreign sources, as well as interact with foreign nationals, presents a threat to their mission and to the well being of the Nation. It is crucial that we invest in programs like the [NSEP’s] Flagship Initiative and FLAP [Foreign Language Assistance Program] in order to strengthen the security of the United States.”

- Honorable Daniel Akaka, United States Senate, Congressional Record

“I would like to refer you to another outstanding current program – the National Security Education Program. The NSEP has an international focus, and the program includes a foreign language requirement. One in four of the awards is in areas such as engineering, the applied sciences, or health.”

- Ruth Whiteside, Bureau of Human Resources, U.S. Department of State, before the Senate Governmental Affairs Subcommittee of International Security, Proliferation and Federal Services

“There is a great need in government for people who have deep knowledge of regions and languages and have done work there, and this program is addressing that need in a serious way.”

- Dan Davidson, Executive Director, American Councils for International Education, Chronicle of Higher Education

“I’m seeing really high-caliber candidates, who have a lot more to offer than just language skills. I have been impressed.”

- Candy Irwin, Staff Program Manager, NASA, Chronicle of Higher Education

“The program was the best single embodiment of the end of the Cold War. It gave us an enlightened view of national security and an enlightened view of how education and national security communities can work together.”

- Wayne Decker, Director of Study Abroad Programs, University of Arizona, Arizona Republic

“… Congress established a modest, but imaginative program to underwrite the overseas study of critical non-Western languages like Arabic, Chinese, and Japanese.”

- New York Times Editorial

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