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Program Description

In order to better support the professional development of our alumni, the Boren Forum is offering a mentorship program to partner young alumni with mid-career alumni. This program will connect recent Boren graduates with former awardees who are established in their careers (3-5 years in workforce) and share common professional and personal interests.

The program runs from August to December and pairs ~20 young alumni with 20 mid-career professionals and former award recipients. Once the Boren Forum has identified suitable protégés/mentors, applicants will be notified by email and connected with their partner. The Boren Forum will provide a guideline of monthly suggested activities for protégé and mentor pairs to foster professional development.

Please understand that not all who register will be able to be paired with a protégé/mentor.

Benefits for Protégé: Benefits for Mentor:
  • Receive personal insight into national security career tracks, especially when faced with opaque and impersonal federal government human resources offices;
  • Discover new opportunities that fit your skills and interests;
  • Learn to leverage language skills, regional expertise, and special hiring authority to enrich your career;
  • Complement ongoing formal study and/or training and development activities;
  • Further your development as a professional;
  • Expand your network into the vast national security community in Washington, DC, including the Boren alumni network.
  • Demonstrate your expertise and share your knowledge to help others develop their careers;
  • Enhance your leadership skills through coaching, counseling, listening, and modeling;
  • Strengthen the Boren Forum and NSEP brand by adding value through your expertise;
  • Gains familiarity with challenges faced by younger alumni at the outset of their careers.



  • Once matched, the mentor will call or e-mail the protégé to arrange the first meeting
  • Mentors and protégés engage via phone, Skype, and e-mail but are encouraged to connect 1-3 times per month
  • Participants are expected to respond in a reasonable amount of time to mentor/protégé inquiries
  • Participants will be asked to evaluate their mentorship experience at the end of the program
  • Before registering all participants must review the program disclaimer and safety tips

Thank you for your interest in the mentorship program.  Applications for the 2014 Mentorship Program are closed at this time. Applicants will hear back regarding their pairing by the week of July 21st.

Are you a mid-career professional? If you sign up to serve as a mentor to a young professional, you will be given preference in the selection process for the upcoming senior-level mentorship program.For questions, please contact lreese at borenforum dot org.

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