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GBFLEx is an initiative which connects Boren Scholars, Boren Fellows and Language Flagship Fellows with participants in NSEP’s English for Heritage Language Speakers program, which is administered by Georgetown University. GBFLEx matches native English speakers with heritage language speakers for informal meetings where both may practice their language skills in a manner and setting of their choice. We encourage participants to meet informally to discuss culture, food, current events, or whatever topic of mutual interest. Because these meetings are independently scheduled by GBFLEx participants, neither the Boren Forum nor Georgetown University can guaranty the quality of the experience, but we encourage participants to make the most of this opportunity to communicate with enthusiastic native speakers!  Please note that this program is currently only available in the Washington DC area.

How do I find a GBFLEx Partner?
Applicants for a GBFLEx partner should fill out our online registration form. Native English speakers may register here. EHLS students may register here. Once the Boren Forum has identified suitable language partners, applicants will be notified by email and supplied the relevant contact information. Please note that all matches are subject to language availability.

Please take note:
Before registering for GBFLEx, please read the program disclaimer and safety tips.

Need more information?
Please contact gbflex@borenforum.org with any questions.

Thank you for your interest in GBFLEx, and good luck with your language studies!

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