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Intelligence Tools Series

In the post-9/11 world, one of the greatest tools we have in the fight to prevent further attacks and preserve our national security is Intelligence. According to the CIA, “Reduced to its simplest terms, intelligence is knowledge and foreknowledge of the world around us. The prelude to decision and action by U.S. policymakers. Intelligence organizations provide this information in a manner that helps consumers, either civilian leaders or military commanders, to consider alternative options and outcomes. The intelligence process involves the painstaking collection of facts, their analysis, quick and clear evaluations, production of intelligence assessments, and their timely dissemination to consumers.”

The Boren Forum has partnered with Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP) to bring you our first leadership series on U.S. Intelligence. The three-part module will equip you with the understanding and skills you need to become future intelligence analysts and operatives. Participants will engage in discussions intended to create tangible results, build working relationships, and better equip young foreign policy leaders with the skills and knowledge-base necessary to address the growing complexities of the U.S. intelligence community.


Throughout a highly specialized speaker series, participants will:

  • Understand the history, status quo and future of the U.S. intelligence community and tradecraft
  • Understand where intelligence is used to protect/advance America’s national security
  • Understand the role that intelligence plays in decision-making
  • Develop keys skills future intelligence analysts and operatives will need

Application: The application period is now closed. Please stay tuned for future programming activities.


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