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Schedule A Basics


Schedule A is the Excepted Service Appointing Authority that allows NSEP award recipients to be hired non-competitively for publicly-open positions; positions open to only those with non-competitive eligibility; and positions that are not advertised publicly or not advertised at all, with the support of the department or agency’s hiring official. Depending on department or agency needs, special positions can be created for Schedule A hires. NSEP award recipients may be appointed to Federal Government positions under the Schedule A Excepted Service Appointing Authority. NSEP award recipients’ eligibility under this authority is specified in the Code of Federal Regulations, (CFR), Title 5, Volume 1, Section 213.3102 (r).

Positions established in support of fellowship and similar programs that are filled from limited applicant pools and operate under specific criteria developed by the employing agency and/or a non-Federal organization. These programs may include: internship or fellowship programs that provide developmental or professional experiences to individuals who have completed their formal education; training and associateship programs designed to increase the pool of qualified candidates in a particular occupational specialty; professional/industry exchange programs that provide for a cross-fertilization between the agency and the private sector to foster mutual understanding, an exchange of ideas, or to bring experienced practitioners to the agency; residency programs through which participants gain experience in a Federal clinical environment; and programs that require a period of Government service in exchange for educational, financial or other assistance. Appointments under this authority may not exceed 4 years.

Note that OPM states that individuals may be hired non-competitively up to 4 years under this regulation.

This authority became effective on November 28, 1997.

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