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February 2, 2007

National Security Education Program Alumni Resource Site

About The Boren Forum

Additional information about the Boren Forum is available in our online FAQ.

To promote the educational, social, and career development of Boren Scholars and Fellows upon return to the United States, and to enhance and expand public service opportunities through mutually beneficial partnerships among alumni and other organizations.

The Boren Forum will become a visible and valued organization for alumni of NSEP’s Boren awards. The Boren Forum will facilitate ways for Boren award recipients to expand, employ and enjoy their international experiences.

Who started the Boren Forum?
A group of Boren Alumni living in the Washington D.C. area met with several NSEP administrators over happy hour one evening last fall. In typical happy hour fashion, ideas were bantered about, including the suggestion of forming an alumni association. And why not form a group to connect Boren alumni in Washington D.C., as well as around the globe?

The alumni agreed to form a Steering Committee to begin the task of incorporating into a nonprofit organization and rounding up other interested alumni. The Boren Forum was born.

The Boren Forum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in the Washington-DC area. We are a separate organization from NSEP, but support NSEP Boren and NFLI alumni.